data journalism

Simon Rogers defined the data journalism as the use of data to tell the attractive story. It is about telling stories first and foremost – the maths and the charts and the code are all in service to that.

In China, data news is mainly staying in the level of digital visualization. The first person in China Data News’s has released the first data news called “Interpersonal and Finances of Zhou Yongkang” in 2014. It clearly displayed a comprehensive relationship network in the form of interactive pages with more than 4 million hits. The work is also considered to be a representative work of China Data News.

There are two widespread data news sites- Focus on Datanews and FT Chinese. They provide services involving the informational graphic, image-text interaction, special topic, PC interaction and mobile interaction. They focus on popularizing knowledge and in-depth investigation. Compared to traditional journalism, data visualization is more suitable for in-depth reporting and investigative reporting because the volume of information on these topics is larger but requiring less time-sensitive; on the contrary, the emergency is very time-sensitive, and reporters cannot have sufficient time to collect data.

图片 1

The demand for data news in China is huge. More and more media are establishing data news teams. However, it requires the employees master skills in different fields. Therefore, there is a huge gap in the industry. Currently, more colleges and universities are conducting data news courses. The data journalism will become a mainstream form in the future.


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